Prices for interlibrary loans

Researchers and employees at Kemicentrum.

Invoice sent to departements.                        80 SEK
Pays in cash when fetching
the article in the library.                                  80 SEK
Swedish libraries with public funding.
Invoice. 80 SEK

Company and company library.

Invoice.                                                            150 SEK

Articles exceeding 30 pages are charged as two articles. 

Swedish publicly financed libraries and employees at
Kemicentrum can get their copies by mail as a pdf-file.    

Loans of books within Scandinavia are free
for researchers and employees at Kemicentrum, students and
Swedish libraries with public funding.

Company and company library.
Invoice.                                                           150 SEK /book

Loans of books outside Scandinavia
a fee is charged for all who order books
outside Scandinavia.                                       150 SEK /book