Wireless internet

At the Library as in parts of Kemicentrum you can use the wireless network provided by the University. 

There are two networks to choose between:

  • Eduroam, for researchers and students, use your StiL- or LUCAT id's.
  • LU weblogon



For students with reading and writing disabilities

Lund University Libraries serves students with reading- and writing disabilities. Contact Annika Hellbring at the library at Kemicentrum for more information.

Guide to talking books, text-to-speech software and other reading aids





Researchers, employees and students at Lund University can order copies of articles from journals available in print at Universitetsbiblioteket via LUBITO.

The order is free of charge and will be delivered the following weekday.

Articles that have already been scanned are available in LUBITO's PDF archive where the logged-in user can fetch them instantly.
PLEASE NOTE: All articles must be ordered!